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12 Tips to Sell Your Home in Olathe for Top Dollar - Olathe, KS. Real Estate Tips

12 Tips To Sell Your Home in Olathe For Top Dollar

Homes are selling fast in Olathe, right? There is no need to worry about marketing and pricing, right?

That is dead wrong. In Olathe, if you are 2% overpriced there is a chance that your home will either not sell or will sell below value.

To be a successful and savvy Olathe home seller, follow these 12 Tips to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar.
  1. Price Your Home Aggressively - Home Buyers don’t really care how much you have in your home. They are comparing it to similar homes. If you price it too high, you risk turning off potential buyers. Oftentimes the only offers you will get when you price too high are low ball offers. You don’t want low ball offers, right? Price your home too low and you will leave money on the table. A great suggestion is to view similar homes that have sold recently and then go out and look at your top 3 competitive homes for sale. If you’re honest with yourself, you will price your home so that it will generate multiple offers.  

  2. Price Your Home at Specific Price Points - Home Buyers don’t request to view homes that are $187,954. They request to view homes between $180,000 to $190,000 or $185,000 to $195,000. Take advantage of price points when pricing your home. Price your home at $185,000 or $190,000. There is a greater chance that it will fall into more home buyers searches.

  3. Hire an Aggressive Listing agent - Many real estate agents don’t do much marketing other than placing a sign in the yard and placing it on the MLS. If you are ok with that, so be it. In order to sell for top dollar, choose an aggressive listing agent who is actively working to sell your home for top dollar.

  4. Offer a Buyer’s Agent Bonus - Want to sell for Top Dollar, offer a bonus for an accepted offer by a certain date to the buyer’s agents. By offering a bonus, there is a great chance that the buyer’s agents will not pass over your home to show another home.

  5. Offer Buyer Incentives - Without zero down financing, you will help your home get noticed by offering to pay the buyer's closing cost.

  6. Stage Your Home - Home Buyers will pass on homes that are not properly staged. Just like a new car will outsell the dirty used car if they are both priced comparable, a staged home will outsell a home that is not staged. Home Buyers will typically not make an offer unless they are emotionally invested. Staging helps the buyer become emotionally invested.

  7. Obtain a Pre-Appraisal - By obtaining a pre-appraisal you will be providing an objective voice of the value of the home to the home buyer.

  8. Obtain a Pre-Inspection - By obtaining a pre-inspection and repairing the items determined to need to be repaired, you are reinforcing the idea that your home is a solid home.

  9. Release Disclosures and Receipts of Repairs - Create an online file of disclosures, a plat map, a pre-appraisal, a pre-inspection and receipts of repairs that can be shared with potential buyers.

  10. Hire a Photographer - How many homes have you passed on because of the photos? If you are like most home buyers you will pass on most of the homes that have poor pictures online. Don’t let your home get passed on, get professional pictures of your home.
  11. Setup Multiple Channels of Marketing - Sure you might be lucky by placing a sign in front your home, but the extra activity generated by a complete marketing system will generate multiple offers.

  12. Be Prepared to Change, FAST - If the plan isn’t working be prepared to make adjustments quickly. The more time your home is on the market the greater chance that home buyer’s will pass on it. Be prepared to identify problems and take proactive actions to create quick solutions.

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