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The Stages of Selling Your home in Johnson County, Kansas - Step 2 - Gather the Information to Sell Your Home

The Stages of Selling Your home in Johnson County, Kansas - Step 2 of 11 Steps

STEP - 2 GATHER THE INFORMATION TO SELL YOUR HOME- Get that sign in the yard, ASAP, right? NO, no, no . . .

Before we talk strategy, we’ve got some work to do. I know, who wants to talk or do paperwork?

A competent, professional REALTOR will start with gathering a combination of the following....Title work, current appraisal, warranties, list of improvements, HOA documents, deed restrictions, easements, current mortgage statement, pre-approval (if buying)....Whew, a lot to remember and that is the beginning. Did you know that there are many more documents that a REALTOR will pour through before they put your home on the market?

These details provide a prospective Buyer, or Buyer’s Agent, with the information to say “YES, I want to buy this home”! We also strongly encourage our Sellers to seriously consider a pre-listing whole home inspection; as well as, a pre-listing appraisal. You don't have to get them. We recommend them because the facts are homeowners who do, net more money out of their homes. You will have to look at and see if it makes sense. Some home sellers elect not to and love the surprises during the sale. If that is you, then don't pre-inspect and hire an appraiser.

Anytime we talk about profit....we talk about the COST to sell your home!

Costs traditionally include Title Cost, Closing Fee, Taxes, Commissions, Marketing, County and State Recording Fees covers most of the basics.

As a business person, I’m aware that the highest gross sales means little, it’s the “Net” sales that means the most to me. As a home seller the dollars you net at the end that will define if your journey was either a success or failure. Your Realtor should be able to outline the basic costs to sell your home and deliver a strategy to maximize your net sales price.

Selling your home is serious business, do it wrong and you’ll end up with one of a few hundred surprises like a delay in closing, reduction of net proceeds or a double move.

Before you start the move, mentally prepare to MOVE!

You’ve assembled the right team, you’ve got the paperwork together, you’re ready to talk PRICE! That is right, choose your REALTOR before you talk price. Remember we covered that in Step 1?

If you choose the REALTOR because of the price, you are setting yourself up for a major undesirable surprise.

The difference between a happy home seller and an unhappy home seller is the preparation and information gathered to help the buyer say "Yes, I'll buy it!"

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About the Author: Chris Dowell is the lead agent of the Dowell Family Team in Johnson County, Kansas. The Dowell Family Team is a leading Keller Williams Realty real estate team in Johnson County. With over 24 years of full-time real estate experience, Chris shares his knowledge with Johnson County home buyers and seller. Chris also serves on several advisory committees. Have a question, feel free to contact Chris by phone or text  at (913) 712-9313.